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Property Rings

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Property Rings

preciosooooos, y bellos anillos con candado y llave, son perfectos para tenerlos con tu pareja, ademas de que tiene un plus para las parejas dentro de BDSM ya que trae los controladores necesarios, con opcion de leash, controlados por ti o por tu pareja a la que añadas.

para ver mejor los anillos dar zoom en flirck

▶ Property Rings is a simple and nice accessory with Leash option that can be controlled only by you, or the partner name that you add.

▶ The folder contains two rings for couple: Key (for who leads, or Dom), and Lock (for who is guided, or sub). Both has Transfer permission, so you can transfer the ring, Lock or Key to your partner.

▶ Only the Lock ring has the menu options. Key ring functions as a holder.

▶ You can configure the leash as you want (lenght, texture, color, density, size, gravity).

▶ This item does not have a full menu of a normal BDSM collar, only the Appareance, Leash, and Access options. This means less scripts, and it’s not confused as another collar.

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